The Best Job Ever…


Hi guys…

Today I’m gonna make you jealous of me (us)… hahah sorry.

I’m telling you this because I realized that I have the best job ever! Do you want to know why? Or how it feels to be a part of the PB Reality Show?

To answer that question without being repetitive or cliché is difficult, because all of the girls who have worked for the show/Jim before have already said that it is “the best job ever”… So I decided to explain using different examples, based on my point of view.

Everybody knows Jim does charity work, organizes parties, decorates, and creates magic inside the PB Castle, but what they don’t know is how this impacts the lives of the girls who work for him. We always talk about what he does for people in general, but not for us. I’ve been learning so much that it is difficult to organize the ideas and put them in just a few words. So I will start by talking about one of the events I participated in.

One day we had the morning meeting as usual, and Jim outlined the schedule for the day. He told us we would be going out to feed the homeless. He had bought some food and asked us to prepare the bags.


During the process to fill the bags, I was paying attention to what he bought and I realized there was a lot of fancy and different kinds of food, (because people always think about what they might need and the kind of food he bought was unusual). Jim bought sandwiches, water, and healthy food, but then I realized some of the items that were in the bags, were not necessities, but items that they would be excited to get. I learned from Jim that the homeless need to survive with dignity, but also with leisure. So Jim gave them, not only the essentials, but also some extra goodies.

To deliver the food, Jim wanted us to have a great experience, so he rented some scooters for us to ride. We were trying to find homeless people in the Pacific Beach area, but have fun while doing it. So, in conclusion, we were working to create a better world, riding scooters close to one of the most beautiful beaches in the US, and having fun while working. The best news was that this was just one single day! We have also gone jet skiing, we decorate and participate in the best parties in San Diego, we receive vitamin shots and more… Can you please tell me where else you earn money to work like that? I don’t know about you, but for me it will be extremely difficult to ever work another job.


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