Jim’s Twin

We are happy to introduce you to our newest team member Kyle!


Jim thought that Kyle would be a great new addition to his team of assistants! We had been discussing his arrival for weeks in our morning meetings and were highly anticipating when we would get to meet him. The day finally came last Thursday. Kyle drove down from LA to join us for his first event for the PB Millionaire. We all met at the PB Castle and from there took the limo bus to the Oceana restaurant in the Catamaran Hotel and Resort.

Flyin high in Mission Valley

Last week we all decided to do something a little different and head to Mission Valley to try indoor skydiving! The experience was super out of the ordinary and a little intimidating at first. We watched the pros do flips and tricks while we heavily suited up. After watching a short safety demo we gathered around the tube and one by one got a chance to go flying! We first got used to being off the air with the help of our instructor and once comfortable got soaring up the air tunnel.

whole squad up
Getting used to flying
All smiles here!


The Best Job Ever…


Hi guys…

Today I’m gonna make you jealous of me (us)… hahah sorry.

I’m telling you this because I realized that I have the best job ever! Do you want to know why? Or how it feels to be a part of the PB Reality Show?

To answer that question without being repetitive or cliché is difficult, because all of the girls who have worked for the show/Jim before have already said that it is “the best job ever”… So I decided to explain using different examples, based on my point of view.

Everybody knows Jim does charity work, organizes parties, decorates, and creates magic inside the PB Castle, but what they don’t know is how this impacts the lives of the girls who work for him. We always talk about what he does for people in general, but not for us. I’ve been learning so much that it is difficult to organize the ideas and put them in just a few words. So I will start by talking about one of the events I participated in.

One day we had the morning meeting as usual, and Jim outlined the schedule for the day. He told us we would be going out to feed the homeless. He had bought some food and asked us to prepare the bags.


During the process to fill the bags, I was paying attention to what he bought and I realized there was a lot of fancy and different kinds of food, (because people always think about what they might need and the kind of food he bought was unusual). Jim bought sandwiches, water, and healthy food, but then I realized some of the items that were in the bags, were not necessities, but items that they would be excited to get. I learned from Jim that the homeless need to survive with dignity, but also with leisure. So Jim gave them, not only the essentials, but also some extra goodies.

To deliver the food, Jim wanted us to have a great experience, so he rented some scooters for us to ride. We were trying to find homeless people in the Pacific Beach area, but have fun while doing it. So, in conclusion, we were working to create a better world, riding scooters close to one of the most beautiful beaches in the US, and having fun while working. The best news was that this was just one single day! We have also gone jet skiing, we decorate and participate in the best parties in San Diego, we receive vitamin shots and more… Can you please tell me where else you earn money to work like that? I don’t know about you, but for me it will be extremely difficult to ever work another job.


Adventures on Mission Bay


Hello ladies and gents,

As usual we started our work week with a meeting in the conference room, where Jim gave us the game plan for the day. We usually discuss thing like: office work, plans for future episodes, and where to hold the daily PB Reality family lunch, but today was different. To our surprise Jim decided to treat us to a fun day on the Mission Bay riding jet skis and boating! We gathered up our needed supplies of bathing suits and sunscreen then loaded in the car.

Of course, we girls need our food, so we made a pit stop at the Red Marlin restaurant located at the Hyatt Regency. It was a short distance from the water, where we would soon be hopping on our water toy of choice and zooming off.  Jim, as usual, ordered a vegetarian friendly meal consisting of grilled cheese, and the rest of us got a combination of appetizers and burgers. When we finished filling up on our yummy food we were ready to go!


After briefly meeting with our instructor and watching a quick safety video, we all got to pick out our jet skis and head out from the marina.

Learning how to not die on the Jet Skis

Some of us got over the newbie nerves faster than others and went flying!


Some of us (AKA me) were too scared to go fast on our own so Thais let me catch a ride. She went crazy fast and we caught some wake and almost fell off the jet ski, but it was all good fun.


I soon got tired of the jet ski and opted to trade places with Jeff (our super talented photographer) for a spot on the boat.


All in all, we had so much fun and it was an experience we won’t ever forget.